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Dr. Johnston’s Three New Novels

Many of you who have read The Revolt of 2020 and The American Tyranny of 2020 have written me asking when the third novel in the Revolt Trilogy will come out. The Uncivil War of 2020 will be printed this summer, Lord willing. (To read what people are saying about those novels, click here.) However, you may enjoy several novels that have just been published...

Johnny and the Mystery of the Rusty Musket

The Lesser Hills of Kinder County

Beating Grim

You can read excerpts of a couple of these novels in the link in the first paragraph.

Johnny and the Mystery of the Rusty Musket Johnny and the Mystery of the Rusty Musket is an illustrated young adult novel. It is a time-traveling adventure where the four oldest Johnston children travel through time to five battles that changed the course of history and test the limits of their faith. It has an unexpected ending that will shock you! It is a great book to read to your kids. They will love it, and you will love how it strengthens their faith and teaches them important lessons of history – of the need to protect “the least of these” to maintain our freedom, and of the need to stand on God’s Word even if you must stand alone, and of the truth that even the smallest of God’s children can do the greatest of exploits for God’s kingdom if they will only believe.

You can order Johnny and the Mystery of the Rusty Musket online by clicking here, or you can order below.

The Lesser Hills of Kinder County The Lesser Hills of Kinder County is a contemporary fiction novel that will make your heart swell and head spin as Timothy Manuel tenaciously trusts in God even as his whole world crumbles around him. Godly courtship as opposed to the entertainment-mindset of dating. Honor is exalted above passion in Timothy’s pursuit of the love of his life, Maria. It is an edge-of-your-seat adventure that will touch your heart over and over again, brings you to tears, and will make you shout with exhilaration in the final chapter! Through all of the action, God’s Word is continually exalted as the remedy for what ails us, the standard of morality and justice for all men for all time. You will want to buy one for all your friends and family for Christmas!

You can order The Lesser Hills of Kinder County online here, or you can order below.

Beating Grim Beating Grim is a thriller novella. Crawl into a cracked, smoke-filled room teetering over a fiery chasm, saturated with the fear and despair of six unbelievers, one cancer-stricken Christian, and one famished spirit – the Death Angel. Worldviews clash in the direst circumstances imaginable, but Islam, atheism, Judaism, Hinduism, hedonism – and even Death himself – are no match for the power of God’s love. In the war trenches of this world, Christianity triumphs above all competitors. Witness faith resurrect hope out of hopelessness, peace out of horror, righteousness out of evil, and against all odds conquer Death.

Beating Grim is not yet available through online ordering. To order any of these novels, send $15 per book to:

Patrick Johnston
5063 Dresden Court
Zanesville, Ohio 43701