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As a physician, I see many people use the trauma and abuse inflicted upon them in their past as an excuse for their unbelief and their wallowing in mental suffering. If you would hear me counsel with these patients, you may think I’m being too hard on them (as you may feel I’m being too hard on the young man who Emailed me below).
Many religious people, both Protestant and Catholic, believe that their good works can atone for their sins. This is absolutely false. You can never make up for the sins you have committed. Even if you obey God for the rest of your life, your obedience can never remove the stains of your sin, which you bring your condemnation on Judgment Day when God judges all men without respect to persons, without favoritism, “according to our works.”
I would rather have had my tax dollars go for some abortions in your hideous oversized family- than have to pay for your selfish excessiveness every year through your child tax credits...
Dr. Johnston,


Greetings in Yeshua the Messiah! I recently read your tract about victory over sin, and am amazed as you address many points that God has shown me (nearly word for word, in some cases) through His Spirit and Son in recent months. In fact, I addressed several of your points and questions to a Sunday school class that my family and I used to attend (here in central Virginia), and not only did I not receive a single valid response nor enjoy a thoughtful discussion from them, but was basically asked to leave for sharing the truth about victory over sin, some even became hostile toward me.

I don’t know how to address you, Doctor or Brother, in either case I want you know that you are one of the few that is making sense in this dreadful day that we are living. I complement you for your bold and righteous stand on the issues of our day.
Hi Dr. Johnston,

I am researching "when does life begin". My husband and I have 3 small children already, and from a previous IVF, we have 3 viable embryos leftover (they were tested - they are genetically viable and good).

In response to my article "Anything but Romney" a fair and peace-loving liberal named Robert decided to send me an Email. Feel the love.... (I've deleted his foul language.) It seems like he reads my past articles instead of counting sheep for his insomnia. Pray for him.

I am SO GLAD to have stumbled upon you and your ministry! You were just a link on Facebook that I clicked on late tonight, and I am so touched by your ministry, your voice for those who have no voice, your beautiful family, your conservative values, and most of all --
You are an arrogant ,hypocritical slimeball ! You care NOTHING for children once they are born, like all anti-choicers. I remain 100 per cent pro-choice ! No one, but no one, least of all the government, has the right to attempt to force any woman to bear a child against her will. This is a gross violation of her human rights.