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When Calling Your Congressman Is a Waste of Time

"Why 'Save Marriage' Petitions, Calling the President, and Emailing Congressmen Is a Waste of Time"

A Center for Reclaiming America e-mail urges, "Call your Congressman..." A Focus on the Family newsletter pleads: "Call President Bush..." The Family Research Council website exhorts, "Call your Senator..." A Christian Coalition of America press release rallies the troops to, "Call your Congressman..." The American Family Association asks, "Call President Bush..." The Eagle Forum urges, "Call your Governor and tell them to..." The National Right to Life pleads, "Call the President and tell him to..."

Have you ever called the President or your Congressman? I have. Many times. I've sent the Emails, signed the "Save Marriage" petitions, and spent my lunch hour on hold on the day of a big vote in Congress. Why?

At the "Restore the Law" Rally in Columbus, Ohio, recently, former Ambassador Alan Keyes ranted about the evils of judicial tyranny - unaccountable, unelected bench-legislators trying to destroy America's Christian heritage and shove the new state religion of atheistic humanism down our throats. He cried out against the Massachusetts Court's endorsement of "gay marriage" and the Supreme Court's legalization of child-killing. He foretold of the horrors that would be brought upon this nation if we continue down the path of self-destruction. We have men governing us who "put their finger in the wind" to determine how to vote on moral issues, rather than make decisions based upon principle.

"What shall we then do about it?" he cried to a hundred hearers, moved by his passion and potency.

"Oust 'em!" cried Cal Zastrow, National Field Director for the Constitution Party, from his table in the front.

"No!" Keyes instinctively responded. "No. Be the wind!"

It was another call to action: "Call your Congressmen! Call the President! Have your friends and church members write them. Let's tell them in no uncertain terms: Enough is enough is enough! These judges must be impeached..."

Call if you want, but God's Word informs us: "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn." Proverbs 29:2.

Even if you call your Congressmen, even if you plead with your Senators, even if you sign your petitions and they are delivered by the truckloads to the politicians' doorsteps, if they're wicked, you're still going to mourn! You'll mourn when they dig the Ten Commandments monuments out of our courthouses. You'll mourn when they kill babies with taxpayers' money. You'll mourn when they give your children condoms at school and then take them to get abortions without your consent when the condoms fail. You'll mourn when they hand you gay marriage. You'll mourn when they fine you for "hate speech." You'll mourn when they fire you like they fired Roy Moore for daring to publicly reject the tenets of the new state religion and defy the unlawful orders of their pagan priests.

Fearful of the judicial infatuation for gay marriage precipitated by the Massachusetts Supreme Court's recent decision, there is a strong political drive in conservative states to pass "Defense of Marriage Acts" and amendments to the state constitutions that will prevent gay marriages endorsed by Massachusetts from being accepted within their state. All of this political activity is nothing but a menial token unless we are willing to evict the wicked that rule us. If the Federal judiciary has so few pangs of conscience as they repeatedly defy the law of God, why do we think that will respect Ohio's law? If they have defied so many amendments in the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights, why do we think that they will take one more amendment - the Federal Marriage Amendment - or any state constitutional amendments seriously? If the wicked bear rule, we will mourn - all of our legislative attempts to limit their rule notwithstanding. Unless state governments are willing to boldly defy the unlawful dictates of constitution-usurping judges in deference to the law of nature and nature's God, then any legislative attempts to restore godly principles is a token measure in a battle that will inevitably be lost. The Supreme Court will rule our diligent efforts "Unconstitutional!", states will submit like they did in 1973 when the Court legalized child-killing, we will pat ourselves on the back for doing the best we can, and that's that.

"The wicked beareth rule" in America, and its not Democrats I'm talking about. Christian conservatives have been deceived by the pro-life, pro-family rhetoric of the Republican Party, and its high time men of God pull the lamb's skin off the wolf. The majority of the Supreme Court that gave us Roe v. Wade, and the majority of the present Court that has reinforced it, were appointed by Republicans. President Bush has spent more taxpayer funds to kill babies than any President in history, and every Republican Senator and Congressman who voted for that child-killing G.O.P. budget has blood on their hands. There's no excuse for this betrayal of the unborn. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban, highly touted as evidence that Bush is pro-life, won't save one single life, but actually ensures us that the same babies that would die by that "procedure" will now die through more painful "procedures." With a Republican majority in the Senate and the House and with a Republican President, you can't blame the Democrats any more. Legal child-killing at taxpayer expense is the Republicans' fault.

So many sodomite proponents of gay marriage have been promoted to high government positions under George Bush, it makes Clinton look like a homophobe! The majority of the Massachusetts Supreme Court justices who envisioned a right to "gay marriage" in their state constitution were appointed by Republicans. When our states are forced to accept "gay marriage," we won't be able to blame the Democrats for it. It's the Republicans' fault.

President Bush has increased the size of the government more than any President since Lyndon Johnson's socialist invention of "the Great Society." With his prescription drug benefit package, President Bush has given us the biggest entitlement program in a generation. When your kids' and grandkids' taxes are raised to 70%, 80%, or 90% to pay for this social gluttony, you won't be able to blame the Democrats. It's the Republicans' fault.

The Republian Party has counted on the gullibility of the American Christian, and we haven't let them down. We have been seduced by their pro-life rhetoric and have turned a blind eye to their betrayal of the unborn by their taxpayer-funded killing of the preborn both within and without the United States. President Bush appointed pro-abortion judges when he was Governor of Texas and on the campaign trail he vowed not to have a "pro-life litmus test" for judicial appointees. We have not judged the tree by its fruit, but been lulled to sleep by the vacuous pro-life rhetoric. The Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, the Eagle Forum, National Right to Life, the Christian Coalition, the American Family Association - why did all these Christian groups endorse or approve of George Bush for President and reject the only pro-life, pro-constitution candidate for Presidency, Howard Phillips with the Constitution Party? We have become the unwitting accomplices to the present crisis of judicial tyranny and blood-letting. When God's wrath falls on our nation, it will be the salt's fault (Matthew 5:13).

Be the wind? No. Cal's right: "Oust 'em!" When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked rule, the people will mourn - even if you call them and write them letters and pass Defense of Marriage Acts! Do NOT call your congressmen. Do NOT write your President a letter. Do NOT waste your time gathering signatures for a marriage amendment to your state constitution. Fight a battle that if won will actually result in victory. Wicked men are not going to govern righteously, short of their repentance and faith in Christ. The remedy for our godless government is a godly remnant who will put godly leaders into office; short of this, we will mourn. We must put men in office who will not need our phone calls in order to do right. We must put men in office who will take their vow to uphold the Constitution seriously. Put men in office who will not kill any babies or appoint anyone who will. Put men in office who will respond to the question of gay marriage by boldly and unapologetically proclaiming, "Thus saith the Lord!" Put men in office who would rather secede from the Union and risk civil war or impeachment than allow one innocent baby to be killed by the Federal government within his state's borders. Put men in office whose feet stand firm on the solid rock of Jesus Christ, whose fingers are in the Bible and not in the air, and who won't be moved by the wind.

Before we ever have godly leaders, we must be worthy of them: the salt must have its savor and be godly. Short of this, we will be trodden under the foot of wicked men (Matthew 5:13), our candlestick will be removed (Revelation 2 and 3), and we will mourn. The church of America must repent of its compromise and hypocrisy, for its endorsement of abortion-justifiers and sodomite-appointers for office, even if those Republicans are "the lesser of two evils". If we stand upon God's Word and do right, fearing God more than defeat and loving truth more than power, then we will slay our Goliaths and God will restore the Republic and advance His Kingdom in our nation.

Patrick Johnston, D.O. Vice Chairman, Constitution Party of Ohio